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Costa Rica: Tropical Ecosystems

Dates:  December 28, 2013-January 10, 2014

Location:  Costa Rica

Costa Rica Itinerary

ENVR/BIOL 323 is a field course to study tropical organisms and ecosystems; Participants are required to take ENVR/BIOL 322 Tropical Ecosystems in the fall (co-requisite).

ENVR/BIOL 323 (2): Tropical Ecosystems Field Experience
Field trip (two weeks) to study tropical organisms and eco-systems in Central America to reinforce information learned in ENVR/BIOL 322 (Tropical Ecosystems, co-requisite). Students will learn ecology, evolution, and biodiversity of plants and animals in the New World Tropics, using the ecosystems of Costa Rica as examples. Grades will be based on student field notebooks and participation in field activities.

Costa Rica is an excellent country to use for this course, as the ecosystems range from paramo (high-elevation, treeless areas), active volcanoes, and tropical forests, to marine systems and coral reefs. Tropical birds, plants and herpto-fauna are abundant and well-studied, and suitable field guides are available.

Costa Rica Syllabus

The cost of the program is $2,000.  This cost will include housing, most meals, ground transportation, entry fees and tickets for all planned program events, medical insurance for the program.
Additional Participant costs: roundtrip airfare to Costa Rica, tuition for 2 hours (in-state and out-state rates apply), some meals, personal expenses.

Application Procedures:
Applications are available in the Study Abroad Office, 248 Brown Hall. Completed applications are due no later than September 9, 2013. Please turn in the application, with the $125 processing fee, to the Study Abroad Office. 

UNC Asheville reserves the right to cancel or alter the program format or to change costs in case of conditions beyond its control.

Kitti Reynolds, Environmental Studies, 155 Rhoades-Robinson Hall, 828-232-5048,
Landon Ward, Environmental Studies, 139 Rhoades/Robinson Hall, 828-350-4558,



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