Photo Contest 2015

Winners by Category

Cross Cultural Moments:

1st Place: Brianna Ganskopp, “Holi“, India

2nd Place: Annelise Ferry, “The Shoemakers“, Nicaragua

3rd Place: Grace McLeod, “A Stroll Through Soweto“, South Africa

Honorable Mention: Emily Powell, “Easter Sunday“, Spain

Nature’s Beauty:

1st Place: Michaela Hall, “Swiss Alps“, Italy

2nd Place: Sarah Smith, “Tunnel Vision“, Scotland

3rd Place: Brooke Farmer, “Reflecting at Quilatoa“, Ecuador

Honorable Mention: Alexandra Helms, “Snowdonia National Park“, Wales


1st Place: Travis Bordley, “Saimi and Alma“, Finland

2nd Place: Herbert Gunn, “The Community Pila“, Guatemala

3rd Place: Anna Gachechiladze, “Accordian Man“, Ireland

Honorable Mention: Lauren Watson, “Toy Car“, Mozambique


1st Place: Anna Gachechiladze, “Industrial Burial Ground“, Denmark

2nd Place: Forest Wallingford, “En Pige og Hendes Hund Pa Bugten“, Denmark

3rd Place: Lauren Watson, “Hope“, Mozambique

Honorable Mention: Grace McLeod, “Crossing Paths with the Last Unicorns,” South Africa

Chancellor’s Purchase Award:

Sarah Smith, “Tunnel Vision“, Scotland