Photo Contest 2016

Winners by Category

Cross Cultural Moments:

1st Place: Serena Dotson-Smith, “The Lama“, China

2nd Place: Herb Gunn, “Semana Santa: Holy Week Procession“, Guatemala

3rd Place: Cody Fenison, “Countryside Hospitality“, Indonesia

Honorable Mention: Reid Gudger, “Oasis“, Hong Kong

Nature’s Beauty:

1st Place: Shannon Kennedy, “Mama Rhino“, South Africa

2nd Place: Jeong Min Lee, “Autumn in Korea“, Korea

3rd Place: Melissa Gold, “Goodbye, Quingdao“, China

Honorable Mention: Caroline Sherrer, “Iridescence at Iguazu“, Argentina


1st Place: Michael Albinger, “Nice Cliff Jump“, France

2nd Place: Cody Fenison, “Peace at the Feet of Nature’s Fury“, Indonesia

3rd Place: Seonhong Kim, “A Girl“, Cambodia

Honorable Mention: Caroline Sherrer, “From the Inside Looking Out“, Peru


1st Place: Meghan Benavides, “Metro Home“, Taiwan

2nd Place: Cody Fenison, “Old China/New China“, China

3rd Place: Bryan van Alebeek, “The Beach“, The Netherlands

Honorable Mention: Shannon Kennedy, “Mariko Sundowner,” South Africa

Chancellor’s Purchase Award:

Caroline Sherrer, “From the Inside Looking Out“, Peru