Photo Contest 2019

Unfortunately, the photo exhibit scheduled for April 2020 will not be on display in Blowers Gallery due to COVID-19.  The International Photo Contest Reception has been delayed and we hope to have that in the Fall. Please stayed tuned for further updates.

Winners By Category

Cross Cultural:

1)  Volcano Tourist Translator, Jonathan Morris, Japan
2)  Speechless, Amanda Morse, Ireland
3)  The Heart of Spain Beats in the Rhythm, Luiz Dantas, Spain
HM) Tourism in Prague, Veronika Mojik, Czech Republic

Nature’s Beauty:

1)  Sunset on the Twelve Apostles, James Kwak, Australia
2)  Llama’s Mountain View, Ray Strong, Peru
3)  Underwater Garden, Katie Tanner, Turks and Caicos
HM) Plantains, Madam?, Aly Pagano, Ecuador


1)  Joy, Veronika Mojik, the Dominican Republic
2)  Preserving an Endangered Language, Gloria Kirk, India
3)  Mosaic of Hope, Jonathan Morris, Cambodia
HM) School Rep Underwater, Katie Tanner, Turks and Caicos


1)  Karoline’s Journey, Zachary (Zax) Milkereit, Norway
2)  UNASUR Reflections, Ray Strong, Ecuador
3)  Berlin’s Chemistry, Logan Guarglia, Germany
HM) The Grand Palace, Carter Kennedy, Thailand

Chancellor’s Purchase Award:

School Rep Underwater, Katie Tanner, Turks and Caicos