For Faculty

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs



Thank you for your interest in leading a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program. Faculty members contemplating a Faculty-Led program are encouraged to contact Bonnie Parker, Director of Study Abroad, as early in the design process as possible. The Study Abroad Office will provide departments and faculty with the following types of assistance:

  • Assist with program development
  • Supply all necessary forms for establishment of the program including program proposal forms, participant applications, contracts, and incident report forms
  • Assist with publicity and promotion of the Faculty-Led Program
  • Assist with student application, screening and selection
  • Handle monetary transactions, including collection of program fees and disbursement of funds
  • Assist with pre-departure orientation sessions


Before You Go

The Program Proposal process should begin a year before actually submitting the proposal.  Bonnie Parker and Cara Gilpin in the Study Abroad office are available to help guide you in the planning stages.  The Program Proposal must be submitted to the Study Abroad office by August 1 of the year before you plan on taking a program abroad.  The handbook below "Developing and Renewing Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs Handbook" is a great resource to help you each step of the way in your planning process.

While Abroad

There are two ways to complete an Incident Documentation form (see handbook for guidelines of what qualifies as an incident).  You may print the form complete it and fax or email it to or you may complete the online form.  Both forms are below.

If it becomes necessary to remove a student from the program (see handbook for guidelines of qualifications to remove a student), please complete the Removal from Study Abroad Program form.

Incident Documentation Form (online form)

Budget Process Information Sheet

Tracking Spending While Abroad

Keep receipts sorted according to these categories: 

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation 
  • Meals
  • Entrance Fees/Tours 
  • Tips
  • Miscellaneous 

Be sure to translate what the receipts are for if they are not in English. Also, include the dollar amount or the exchange rate for that day if it is in another currency.

When You Return


You have up to 2 weeks to turn in leftover funds (and receipts if you wish) to Diane Royer in the Study Abroad office after your trip is completed. Finalizing the budget must be processed through the Study Abroad Office and Chrome River.

If your purchases are less than the amount of your travel advance, you will owe the remaining amount. In that case, you will give the balance in cash or check made payable to UNCA for the balance and submit it to Diane Royer in the Study Abroad office. Do not overspend the allotted amount from your program fees as there are no funds to cover it and you will not be reimbursed.  You must also turn in your bank account statements/transactions with a zero balance to show the account is closed/completed for the program.

Format of Receipts:

  • Receipts should be uploaded into Chrome River before your visit to the Study Abroad office when you return.  You may want to keep your receipts until they have all been reconciled in Chrome River in case you need it when you return.

If you are giving money to the group for an event or for meal(s), you may create a sheet with the amount given to the student at the top and the student’s signature on the page.  I recommend you prepare a list with the students' names and print a few to take with you so you can just put the amount on the form when you need it.  For example:

Name of Program                  Date                     Amount given to students: ____________                        

Student Name  Student Signature