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Located in the western part of Spain, Valladolid is known as the administrative capital of Castilla y León. It is located less than two hours by car from Madrid and is surrounded by the provinces of Segovia, Salamanca, Ávila, Zamora, Soria, Burgos, Palencia and León.  Valladolid has much to offer, including art, history, culture, literature, museums, festivals and more.  It boasts such authors as Cervantes or Zorrilla.  This city witnessed the coronation of Ferdinand III as King of Castile, the births of Philip II and Philip IV, the last sigh of Christopher Columbus, and famous artist such as Alonso Berruguete, Juan de Juni and Gregorio Fernandez have worked.

The University is one of the oldest public universities in the country, having been founded in the late 13th century and is one of the leading centers of higher education in Spain.  Its academic spirit merges tradition and modernity.  It is involved in numerous international relations networks, reserach centers, and is a major force in culture and sports.  The University has over 27,000 enrolled students and 100 B.A. and BSc. degrees.

Spanish courses for foreigners are taught at the University Language Center, located on the Miguel campus, which is home to the University of Valladolid’s most modern faculties and buildings.  One of their main priorities is to foster language interaction.  The Language Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in language learning.  There is also a language lab and a multimedia room as well as a meeting room for students offering free-access computers and free Wi-Fi in all the campus facilities.

Spanish courses are offered for students of A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels so students can improve their command of the Spanish language and gain an understanding of the culture of Spanish society.

Students must be in good academic standing with at least sophomore status
Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5

Language Center Univ of Valladolid Fact Sheet for AY 2017-18

Language Center Univ of Valladolid Fact Sheet for Spring 2018

Tuition and Fees paid in Valladolid
Room and board paid in Valladolid
Airfare to/from Spain not included
Medical insurance (required through UNC Asheville; additional cost)

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