Photo Contest 2015

The Annual Exhibition will begin April 11, 2016 in Blowers Gallery on the first floor of Ramsey Library.  Please plan to attend the reception on April 19, 2016 at 12pm.  More details with be forthcoming.

Winners by Category

Cross Cultural Moments:

1st Place: Brianna Ganskopp, "Holi", India

2nd Place: Annelise Ferry, "The Shoemakers", Nicaragua

3rd Place: Grace McLeod, "A Stroll Through Soweto", South Africa

Honorable Mention: Emily Powell, "Easter Sunday", Spain

Nature's Beauty:

1st Place: Michaela Hall, "Swiss Alps", Italy

2nd Place: Sarah Smith, "Tunnel Vision", Scotland

3rd Place: Brooke Farmer, "Reflecting at Quilatoa", Ecuador

Honorable Mention: Alexandra Helms, "Snowdonia National Park", Wales


1st Place: Travis Bordley, "Saimi and Alma", Finland

2nd Place: Herbert Gunn, "The Community Pila", Guatemala

3rd Place: Anna Gachechiladze, "Accordian Man", Ireland

Honorable Mention: Lauren Watson, "Toy Car", Mozambique


1st Place: Anna Gachechiladze, "Industrial Burial Ground", Denmark

2nd Place: Forest Wallingford, "En Pige og Hendes Hund Pa Bugten", Denmark

3rd Place: Lauren Watson, "Hope", Mozambique

Honorable Mention: Grace McLeod, "Crossing Paths with the Last Unicorns," South Africa

Chancellor's Purchase Award:

Sarah Smith, "Tunnel Vision", Scotland