Photo Contest 2017

The photo exhibit will be on display in the Blowers Gallery, Ramsey Library from April 2-20.  The International Photo Contest Reception will be held on April 10, 2018, 12-1pm in Blowers Gallery.  Please Join us to hear the stories behind the images on display!

Winners by Category

Cross Cultural:

1) Preparing for Tabaski by Gloria Kirk, Senegal
2) Hovey Hong Vocational Training Centre by Shannon Herlihy, Thailand
3) Bead Morning by Whitney Whitley, Ghana
HM) Ancient Temple in Busan by Anna Emslie, South Korea

Nature's Beauty:

1) Milo by Sophia Ahmad, Ecuador
2) Sahara Trip by Darcy MacFarland, Morocco
3) The Pianist of Milford Sound by Tamarya Sims, New Zealand
HM) Giant's Causeway by Maxwell Olle, Northern Ireland


1) Badian Preparing Lunch by Gloria Kirk, Senegal
2) People Waiting for the Miracle by Aleksandra Timochova, Czech Republic
3) Cinematheque Tanger by Darcy MacFarland, Morocco
HM) Tham Lot Cave by Shannon Herlihy, Thailand


1) The Lone Tree by Tamarya Sims, New Zealand
2) Solace in One Day by Shannon Herlihy, Thailand
3) A-Bomb Dome by Reid Gudger, Japan
HM) Old Curious Man by Aleksandra Timochova, England

Chancellor's Purchase Award:

The Pianist of Milford Sound, Tamarya Sims, New Zealand