Photo Contest 2018

The photo exhibit will be on display in the Blowers Gallery, Ramsey Library from April 1-16.  The International Photo Contest Reception will be held on April 9, 2019, 12-1pm in Blowers Gallery.  Please Join us to hear the stories behind the images on display! 

Winners by Category

Cross Cultural:

1) Cha Cha Ndella and Chickens by Gloria Kirk, Senegal
2) Fire in the Amazon by Brenna Tull, Ecuador
3) Xiaolongbao on the Street by Elijah Alexander, Hong Kong
HM) Fish of the People by Caroline Tucker, Ecuador

Nature's Beauty:

1) The Mountain by Hayata Okubo, China
2) The End of the Earth by Christiana Brueggemann, Chile
3) Llama en los Andes by Virginia Taylor, Peru
HM) Sunset Eruption of Mt. Agung by Adam Reagan, Indonesia


1) Ice Swimming by Elisabeth Maillard, Finland
2) Man's Best Friends - Greenwich by Candace Buck, United Kingdom
3) Daily Lunch Preparation with Ngone and Badian by Gloria Kirk, Senegal
HM) My Kindergarten Students in China by Amy Brown, China


1) Norwegian Dusk by Ally Hibbitts, Norway
2) Boats in France by Savannah Nemeth, France
3) Dinner with a View by Taylor Kominek, Greece
HM) Reflective Amsterdam by Santiago Bonilla, the Netherlands

Chancellor's Purchase Award:

Llama en los Andes by Virginia Taylor, Peru

Chancellor's Purchase Award Runner's Up:

My Kindergarten Students in China by Amy Brown, China

Fire in the Amazon by Brenna Tull, Ecuador