Photo Contest FAQs

Each year the Study Abroad office hosts an International Photo Contest where students, faculty and staff can submit photographs they have taken while abroad. Sharing their overseas experiences with the UNC Asheville community brings the world to Asheville and helps the larger community better relate to their experiences.

The annual International Photo Contest will display the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention photos for each category in the Blowers Gallery. A reception will be held at a time and date to be determined in April.  Participants will relay stories about their travels and photos.  Contestants and winners will be featured on the Study Abroad website and in publicity materials.  Winners will be announced in November during our International Education week. These images are placed on permanent display across campus at the conclusion of the show.

The deadline has been extended to October 8, 2019, 5:00 pm ET.

What's the point?

We want to encourage serious photography among our UNC Asheville travelers, help them see their new surroundings more deeply and create a photographic record of their experiences. And it’s fun!

Who can take part in this contest?

Participants must be UNC Asheville students, faculty or staff. You may submit photos from vacation travel abroad, UNC Asheville programs abroad, non-UNC Asheville programs abroad, independent study at a foreign university, a foreign internship or paid work experience, international service learning, or a research project abroad leading to a paper at UNC Asheville.

Can I submit photos that were taken in other locations during my international travels?

Yes! For example, a participant in one of UNC Asheville's programs in France could submit a photo taken in Rome.

How many photos should I submit and what are the categories?

You may submit only one photo per category. The photos need to be categorized by:

  • Nature's Beauty - Landscapes, panoramic views, wildlife, and outdoor activities
  • People - Children, adults, families, self-portraits, and group photos
  • Reflections - This category will seek photos that visually represent the life-altering experiences of study abroad students, and the positive difference the trip made on their outlook and on them personally. For this category, we ask students to write a brief description of why their photo fits this category and how the event inspired them.
  • Cross-Cultural Moments - Cultural events, interaction with host culture, fairs, ceremonies, everyday life, foods, activities, holiday celebrations, local festivals, and other cultural activities. For this category your description must provide a brief explanation of context to help the viewer understand what makes it a cross-cultural moment.

What kind of photos should I submit?

In general, winning photos have been well-composed and well-focused (or deliberately out of focus for artistic effect), and the scenes captured have usually been unambiguously out-of-the-country. Be thoughtful, be creative, have fun. Send us some photos, and see what happens.

Check out our photo tips for a crash course in camera instruction. 

What is the prize?

We will display the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention photos fore each category in Blowers Gallery, Ramsey Library. A reception will be held at a time and date to be determined in April. Participants will relay stories about their travels and photos. Contestants and winners will be featured on the Study Abroad website and publicity materials. Winners will be announced in November during our International Education Week.

The student photos in the exhibit will be considered by the Chancellor's office, for a Chancellor's Purchase Award.  The photo that the Chancellor's office chooses will be purchased by them, and the photographer will receive $250.

What is the required format of photo submission and the deadline for submission?

Deadline for Submission:  October 8, 2019, 5:00 pm ET

Entry form (PDF)

Entry form (Word)

Submissions must be in digital jpg form and be accompanied by an Entry Form.

Your digital jpg images may be e-mailed to or dropped off on a CD in the Study Abroad office and needs to have a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

Please note: if submitting digital images via email, your entry will be considered incomplete unless you also submit a signed Photo Contest Entry form in person (or scan it and attach it to the same email).

If submitting via email include the following in the body of your email:

  • your first and last name
  • your study abroad program (if applicable)
  • where and when you took the photo
  • a one-line description of the photo (no more than 96 characters)

How to name your digital file:

Any photos that you enter must be named in this format: Country_YourLastNameInitialFirstName.jpg. For example:

  • France_SmithA.jpg
  • China_AndersonB.jpg

If you have further questions, contact