Faculty-Led Programs

Summer 2023 Faculty-Led Programs

There are 6 faculty-led programs that will be going abroad this summer:


Amsterdam/Brussels: New Media Study Abroad

Courses: NM 374 New Media Research, NM 474 New Media Production
Led by Dr. Peter Kusek (pkusek@unca.edu) and Dr. Curt Cloninger (ccloning@unca.edu)

Germany: Global Berlin

Courses: HIST 374/ARTS: Berlin as a Site of Histories, HUM 324 The Modern World
Led by Dr. Eric Roubinek (eroubine@unca.edu) and Dr. James Perkins (jperkins@unca.edu)

Ecuador: Biodiversity of Ecuador (Andes, Amazon, and Galapagos)

Courses: BIOL 374 Biodiversity of Ecuador, LA 478 Cultivating Global Citizenship in Ecuador
Led by Dr. Jonathan Horton (jhorton@unca.edu) and Dr. Camila Filgueiras (camila@una.edu)

Ireland: Travel and Discovery in Ireland

Courses: ARTS 310 Ireland: The Art of the Travelogue, HUM 324 Modern World: Mid 17th-20th Century
Led by Professor Anne Slatton (aslatton@unca.edu) and Dr. Sarah Judson (sjudson@unca.edu)

Northern Italy: Ancient to Modern

Courses: LA 478 Cultivating Global Citizenship, ARTS 310 Art, Architecture, and “Nation”
Led by Dr. Jake Butera (jbutera@unca.edu) and Dr. Toby King (jking6@unca.edu)

Japan: Tradition and Modernity

Courses: INTS 374 DI Tokyo: Society, Cityscape, and Metropolitanism, ASIA 374 ARTS Kyoto: History, Culture, and Religions
Led by Dr. Jinhua Li (jli@unca.edu)


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