For Faculty

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs


Thank you for your interest in leading a Study Abroad Program!

If you want to design and revise your program to make it the most wonderful faculty-led program ever, consider beginning the program proposal process a year and a half before actually submitting the proposal.   

The advantages of early program development and proposal submission (by mid-April) are that: 

-You can have your program approved by IPAC before any calls from the Provost’s Office for requests for program development funding are due, and then if you receive that additional funding, you can work out all the fine points of what you want your group to do and learn the summer before you lead your awesome program.

-Early program submission and approval will allow you to work with the Study Abroad Office to hit the ground running with recruitment in the early fall so that all program fees can come in in a timely manner and you can lock in lower prices in December.

-You don’t have to work on the proposal over the summer!

A final absolute Program Proposal submission deadline is August 4th, but don’t wait so long and miss out on the benefits of planning and budgeting early.  We will work with you to get beyond the challenges of early budgets and inflation!

About the Budget:

One thing that we think we can do to improve the accuracy of the budget is to have you provide some attached estimates, if you have them, and/or narrative information about how you came up with the figures you put in your budget for big-ticket items like airfare and hotel and food costs.  Essentially what we want you to do is do a bit of research about prices and then build in some room for inflation. Due to the rate of inflation, please build in at least a 10% margin of error.  Don’t be shy.  It’s always better to build the budget with room for increases than to come back to the students late in the process to inform them that they have to pay more.

Remember: when submitting proposals:

The Study Abroad Office will provide you with a link to the Faculty Handbook at your first contact.  Please review the handbook before signing and submitting your proposal and remember: to mitigate the need for last-minute changes, risk, and liability, please provide up-to-date syllabi, itineraries, and syllabi in your proposal. 

The Study Abroad Office can provide departments and faculty with the following types of assistance:

  • Assist with program development, contracts, and budgets
  • Supply all necessary forms for establishing the program including program proposal forms, participant applications, Faculty-Led Handbook, and incident report forms
  • Assist with publicity and promotion of the Faculty-Led Program
  • Assist with student application, screening, and selection
  • Handle monetary transactions, including the collection of program fees and disbursement of funds, and assist with accounting for funds upon return
  • Provide pre-departure orientation sessions that complement your program and country-specific orientation with all the important student safety and risk management practices, Title IX, and mental health info., etc. for all students participating in UNCA study abroad programs 

Contact Laura Dobson, director of study abroad to help guide you in the planning stages.  

 * pending availability of funds