Request a Global Ambassador

Student Program Presenters, in most cases, will only be available during the semester (not between semesters or during university holiday breaks).

Step 1: Arrange a Visit

Program Overview

The Global Ambassador Program serves the Buncombe and neighboring counties by connecting UNC Asheville students with local community members and area schools as a free public service. Student Program presenters use their international knowledge, experiences and talents to engage pupils in interactive learning experiences designed to be grade-appropriate and to complement textbook and classroom instruction.


Schedules for Student Program Presenters are listed in the View Available Presenters section below. Student Program Presenters, in most cases, will only be available during the semester (not between semesters or during university holiday breaks).

Submitting a Request

To schedule a student speaker, contact the student you are interested in directly (see contact information listed under "Meet our Global Ambassadors".  Provide them with the following information:

  • E-MAIL
  • Q & A (yes/no)

Please indicate to the student(s) you prefer if there are specific topics you’d like to be addressed during the presentation:

Schedule a student presenter - find form in the forms section.

Step 2: Student Presenters

Jonas Franemoelle

Presenter’s Name: Jonas Frankemölle

Jonas is a German exchange student at UNC Asheville who is in his third university year. He is looking forward to giving others an interesting view on Germany and reducing stereotypes Germans may encounter. Jonas believes that understanding other cultures is an important skill, one that all should strive to obtain. He would like to motivate others to learn about and visit other countries.
Country or region to present on: Germany
Special Topics: Psychology, Computer Science
Languages: English, German, Spanish
Undergraduate Studies: Computer Science, Psychology
Availability: MWF 8:30am-10:30am, Tu/Th 11:45am-2pm

SeoJin Im

Presenter’s Name: Seojin Im

Seojin is a Korean exchange student at UNC Asheville who is in her fifth university year. She is excited to help others learn more about her home country of South Korea. Through her many years of travel, Seojin has come to enjoy learning how to navigate different cultures. She hopes to work for the Korean Embassy after graduating.
Country or region to present on: South Korea
Special Topics: Korean Traditional Culture, K-Pop, Teaching Kids, Traveling (China, Japan, Spain, and United States)
Languages: Korean, English
Undergraduate Studies: English Literature, Education
Availability: Tu/Th/F 1pm-6pm

Riley Judge

Presenter’s Name: Riley Judge

Riley is a junior at UNC Asheville who is looking forward to sharing their knowledge of Italy and its culture to others. Their study abroad experience gave them the unique opportunity to gain a wider perspective of other cultures and a new one on the United States. Riley was able to gain more confidence and a better understanding of their place in the world through studying abroad. They hope to be able to encourage others to go abroad.
Country or region to present on: Italy, China
Special Topics: Art, Art Conservation, Pigments, Languages
Languages: English, Chinese, Some Italian
Undergraduate Studies: Art, Chemistry
Availability: W 8am-12 pm 1pm-5pm, F 11am-2pm

Presenter’s Name: Carson Lehmann

Carson is currently a junior at UNC Asheville who is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of Ecuador and its culture. His study abroad experience has allowed him to understand the core values of life; happiness, family relations and friendship. He hopes to encourage others to consider the options available to study abroad and to make the most out of their experiences.
Country or region to present on: Ecuador
Special Topics: Politics, Globalization, Migration and Refugees
Languages: English, Spanish
Undergraduate Studies: Political Studies, Spanish, Latin American Studies
Availability: M 11am-1pm, Tu 5-6pm, W 4-6pm, Th 12-2pm.

Presenter’s Name: Hayata Okubo

Hayata is a Japanese exchange student at UNC Asheville who is in his third university year. He is looking forward to sharing Japanese culture with others through a first-person perspective. As an avid traveler, Hayata has learned the importance of studying abroad. He believes that understanding other countries and their culture makes life more fulfilling. With that in mind, he hopes to trigger an interest in studying abroad in those he meets through this program.
Country or region to present on: Japan
Special Topics: Immigration and Work Issues, Cultural Differences between U.S. and Japan, and origami.
Languages: English, Japanese
Undergraduate Studies: Law, Labor Law
Availability: Tu/Th 11:15am-6pm

Presenter’s Name: Catherine Thompson

Catherine is a junior at UNC Asheville who is ecstatic about sharing her study abroad experience with others. This experience helped to change her life and gave her the ability to connect with others from different cultural backgrounds. Catherine is very passionate about promoting and honoring cultural diversity. She hopes to encourage other students to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad.
Country or region to present on: Ecuador
Special Topics: Alternative Education Opportunities, Community Based Learning Abroad, Short Term Summer Abroad Program and Semester Long Immersion, Spanish Immersion Program Graduate (K-12)
Languages: Spanish, English, Some Portuguese, Some Kichwa
Undergraduate Studies: Spanish, Psychology
Availability: MW 8am-2pm, Tu/Thr 8am-12pm, F 8am-6pm

Christen Venable

Presenter’s Name: Christen Venable

Christen is a senior at UNC Asheville who is eager to help connect others in the community to the culture of Chile. Through her study abroad experience, Christen was able to look into and gain profound insight on the complexity of another culture. This experience also allowed her to gain a new perspective on the United States. She hopes to inform others of Chile and all it has to offer.
Country or region to present on: Chile
Special Topics: International Studies, Sociology, and Environmental Studies.
Languages: English and some Spanish
Undergraduate Studies: International Studies
Availability: MW 3pm-6pm, Tu/Th 4pm-6pm, F 2pm-6pm


Step 3: Teacher Preparation Suggestions

Suggestions to help K-12 teachers & other groups prepare for a Global Ambassador visitor:   

  • Determine the topics you want the student to discuss. Specifying family life, environment, religion, holidays, celebrations, political system, education, changing traditions, etc. provides a focus for the student's preparation.
  • Please allow 2 weeks advance notice of requests, to ensure availability. Please note that if you must change the date of your request less than 2 weeks prior to the event, the students may not be able to re-schedule.
  • Provide accurate driving directions. Transportation will be provided by the students themselves when possible. If schools can provide transportation, this would be greatly appreciated, though we realize this is not often possible.
  • In order to make the visit as meaningful and accessible as possible for the guest speaker and audience, K-12 classes should have no more than 40 (and preferably fewer) students.
  • Have the necessary audio-visual equipment set up and in working order (a malfunctioning LCD projector or laptop can waste precious time.)
  • Arrange a display table for display items.
  • Even though each student has been carefully screened and chosen for the Global Ambassador program, they are not teachers and therefore, should be expected to give no more than two presentations in a row.
  • If several talks are scheduled, please see that the student is given a short break and water.
  • If students speak to several classes, it is best to have the school children change rooms so that display items already set up do not have to be moved. Having to move and set up twice cuts into the limited time scheduled for the guest speaker.
  • Please stay in the classroom, or ensure that a responsible adult is present, to discipline when needed. Showing an active interest in the speaker helps make the student feel welcome.
  • If possible, debrief your students after the presentation to assess the impact of the speaker and reinforce lesson goals. Guest speakers are delighted to receive thank you cards from students.

SCHEDULING a Presentation: Please contact the student(s)directly if you are interested in them presenting in your classroom. Let Cara ( know if you have trouble contacting a particular student.

AFTER a Presentation: Please complete and return an evaluation form in the forms section.

Constructive comments let the speaker know what aspects of the talk were most valuable and what might be improved. Evaluation forms are available from the speaker, online, or pdf version in the forms section.

Thank you for your support of the Global Ambassador Program. We hope this is a rewarding experience for you and these uniquely qualified students. Let us know what you think!