Saitama University Japan

There are a few options that students have when taking courses at Saitama University:  

Option 1: Students may take the STEPS program with the Intensive Japanese Language course.
Option 2: Students may take the STEPS program and opt not to take the Intensive Japanese Language course.
Option 3: Students may take the Intensive Japanese Language course and take regular classes that are taught in English.
Option 4: Students may opt to take regular courses in English.

What is the STEPS Program?  STEPS offers UNC Asheville students an opportunity to take courses at Saitama University in Japanese language and aspects of Japanese culture.

Courses offered include:
   Japanese Traditional Culture
   Intercultural Communication
   Japanese History
   Introduction to Japanese Economy
   Modern Japanese Politics
   Technology in Japan

If students don't want to participate in the STEPS program but want to take courses in English (Option 3 and 4), they may take courses at Saitama in English.

Accommodations:  Students are housed in the International House of Saitama University adjacent to campus.

Calendar:  Saitama's academic calendar runs differently than UNC Asheville. Semesters run from April to September and October to March. A whole year would be April to March or October to September.

Financial Aid:  STEPS participants are eligible for a JASSO Short-term STEPS scholarship which is offered through the STEPS program at Saitama.

Application Process:  UNC Asheville study abroad application and the STEPS application are required. Applications are due by mid-October for the spring semester and by mid-February for the fall semester.


Saitama Fact Sheet for 2016-17

Saitama Fact Sheet for Spring 2017

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