Study Abroad Insurance Coverage

The State of North Carolina has arranged affordable health insurance for participants in study abroad programs in UNC-system universities through GeoBlue Insurance Services.  UNCA requires that all students studying abroad have this insurance, which includes Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains (ME&RR) coverage.  However, if a host country or institution requires that you purchase their insurance, our requirement is waived, except for RR/ME which students must have.  (Germany, Australia, and ISEP are examples.)

With GeoBlue, you will be covered in any country you visit, outside the U.S.  We suggest that if you are covered under a policy now, keep it.  It may be difficult to get reinstated on that insurance after you return, or if you return to the U.S. soil during your study abroad.

GeoBlue Insurance is purchased through the Study Abroad office and charges for the insurance are placed on the student’s account for payment.

The GeoBlue Student Overseas Plan benefits are described in this document.

The GeoBlue Quick Member Guide gives you important plan information and health tools so you can get care while you are abroad.

The GeoBlue User’s Guide is a helpful resource to navigate options on the GeoBlue website, such as registering to use the Student Site Tools, Printing an ID card, Searching for a Doctor, etc.

Before and After Insurance Coverage

After your study abroad insurance coverage has been submitted, students can enroll and pay for Before & After Coverage by going to Geobluestudents. Please read the instructions on how to apply for Before & After Coverage for assistance.

Before and After Coverage Brochure

Students will receive a confirmation email once coverage is in place. They can print their own ID Cards.

Students and Faculty have 30 TOTAL DAYS for Before & After coverage.

Coverage is the same as the Study Abroad Insurance Policy.

For more information, email the Study Abroad Office,, or call 828-232-5037.